I am Christine Wilton. I am Proud to be South African; born and bred in the Most Awesome City in the World, Johannesburg!

I had the privilege of being raised by an Angel and a Demigod; the Beautiful people that I call Mom and Dad, and of all the Wonderful Treasures that they have blessed my life with, the most precious gem that I have inherited from them is my appreciation for the Value of Excellence.

True excellence is attained when we go beyond our perceived boundaries to release our blinding human potential.

My childhood was truly an inspiring tale of travel and cultural delights and as such, the “bug de voyage” has always been part of my driving force; fueling my growth and strength every step of the way.

Despite my eccentric and varied taste for decadence and style, my FAMILY, FITNESS, PHOTOGRAPHY, FASHION, MUSIC & of course LANGUAGE are constant cornerstones in the beautiful journey that is my life.

Languages excite me and they stimulate both my mind and soul! My love for language has translated into a number of passions in my colorful life. Naturally, I embraced the evocative art of photography (the language of social media) and fell in love with learning new languages and as a result, I am well versed in French, fluent in English and Afrikaans and my Greek gets me through the Greek Isles with many-a-local convinced of my fluency.

New languages are especially exciting when travelling! Reaching out and connecting with someone in their home language breaks down so many barriers and is a sign of absolute respect – an instrument that can opens doors that may have otherwise been closed to you… “Ouvrez la porte, s’il nous plaît.”  Strangers can become instant friends and a passing moment can be turned into an unforgettable memory.  Be BOLD! Next time you travel!

I love learning about the cultures, customs, heritage and languages of new people and places.  This helps me to better immerse myself into the way of life of others.  Travelling and Language also deepen my love and appreciation for my own culture and heritage, whilst allowing me to better understand and appreciate those of the people and countries that I visit.  And what trip would be complete without a photo or 10 thousand?  Luckily, my passion and training in photography have helped me capture countless memories etched forever in time… on Instagram

My love for photography evolved and merged with my love for fashion and like my love for photography, my love for fashion led be back to school to learn from professionals in a professional, academic environment. Both photography and fashion brought me fulfillment and success; with an exclusive fashion label that still creates niche, custom and commissioned garments today. Both have instrumental in shaping my perspective and providing me with an even deeper appreciation, and more intuitive insights into the work I do now.

Through photography and fashion, I have been exposed to people struggling with their bodies and insecurities… seeing the internal and mental conflict going on between the mind and mirror - it was certainly an eye opening experience and one I believe has strengthened and helped me to become a more empathetic and understanding trainer.

Now for the love of my life - and I hope soon to be yours too, FITNESS!  This wonder of human capability has elevated my spirit, mind and body to places that go beyond my dreams. My mind and body are capable of more than I ever thought possible and because of this, everyday of my life feels so amazing. I wake up every morning with such gratitude to be able to be able to do what I do, to be part of this global phenomenon and have a positive impact on the lives of others.

I am a personal trainer and I LOVE MY JOB! I love meeting new, interesting people and being part of each of their journeys to wellness and a LOVING A LIFE WORTH LIVING!  I am absolutely thrilled at the thought of being able to help people achieve their goals and reach their personal summits.

Helping people understand and appreciated their beautiful bodies; how to use it, how to move it and what to nourish it with, is the privilege of a personal trainer. I appreciate and embrace that rust that my trainees place in me, to synchronize them with a naturally healthy, balanced and happy life-style.

The excitement from reclaiming your body and your innate flexibility and strength is a gift no-one can take away from you. It is a gift you owe yourself.  There is nothing more important in this world than looking after yourself and your body and realizing your personal potential.

“He who conquers himself, conquers” - Alexander the Great? - words to live by.

I love every single one of my trainees and share a sacred bond with them; a connection that words will never do justice

For me it is not just training - it is a relationship with your soul, body and mind.  It is a journey of self discovery and I would love to be there guiding and encouraging you every step of the way.