Abs are made in the kitchen


There are countless benefits to a good exercise regime.  It promotes good health, it keeps you fit and in shape, it makes you feel good and more confident and lots lots more.  However, exercise alone won't achieve the results you are looking for when it comes to your abs.  

Im sure you've heard the age old saying "Abs are made in the kitchen", well I hate to break it to you - and myself - but it's true.  You have to think of your body as a formula one race car - you would only give it the best petrol right? Not paraffin or some homemade concoction - you give it the best so it can perform the best and get the results you expect.  Well the same goes for your bod.  You should only demand the best.  What nutrition and care you put in, is what is displayed on the outside.  

That being said a great training plan is imperative - but add to it a personalised eating plan specifically designed for your goals and you can only achieve success.  Unfortunately, no amount of crunches are going to justify an improper eating plan or hide those cookies you have every night.   

So if you really are serious about those abs and your health goals, and are ready to take the next step please contact me to set up a personalised eating plan designed just for you and ill meet you in the kitchen.

Lots of love,

Your Six-Pack 


Abs are made in the kitchen